After the launch of “Live in San Francisco”, The Intelligence European tour is coming up !

Already out on Castle Face Records, The Intelligence latest record joined the big family of Live in San Francisco releases. Great album, amazing cover : 36 minutes of pure pleasure ! Lars Finberg’s band will be touring in Europe in June, can’t wait for summer !!

“For folks who dig A Frames, Country Teasers, Wire, Gang of Four, pita chips and dad’s boozy breath. May we present The Intelligence, captured live in a truly subterranean underground show space below SF vintage clothier Vacation.

Lars Finberg: a name synonymous with artisanal hand-crafted, locally brewed, and organically-farmed song lasers. Hilarious, fast, tour-tight and ballsy The band has all these perks in pocket. And all that on borrowed gear! I’ve watched this band go through many variations over the years and in their own right all of them have been marvelous. This particular version of the line up is constructed entirely of road-dogs. These guys don’t fuck around (or maybe they only fuck around, who can tell anymore?) They drink, they get bawdy, they shred and when we asked Lars if the band would be into doing a small show in a basement in the Tenderloin in SF for a live LP, he asked “What should we play?” and I replied “nothing but the hits” and they did exactly that.

The Intelligence and Lars himself are masters at the penning of hits. Hit after hit after hit. And with a soft shoed tippity-tap of crowd work and banter. You can really smell the basement on this one and feel the cobwebs grazing the top of your head as you go deaf in one ear from the eye level PA pointed directly at your soul hole. If you love this band then this is a great live LP of them scorching the hits and talking trash If you don’t know this band (shame on you) then this is a good place to start” – John Dwyer

White Fence plays in France this summer !

White Fence plays in France this summer !

Tim Presley, aka White Fence, will be touring in Europe to promote his new album “I Have to Feed Larry’s Hawk”. Only few concert dates announced in France, be keen !

After “Joy” w/ Ty Segall and “Hippo Lite” w/ DRINKS, White Fence is going to release this one on its own. Out on Drag City on 25th January, this 7th solo album is described as “more melancholic and experimental” than the previous ones.

Listen “Lorelei”, first single launched online.

King Khan LTD will play in France for few dates during their « Festival Winter Ride »

King Khan LTD will play in France for few dates during their « Festival Winter Ride »

Through In The Red Records, King Khan has launched a new EP as King khan LTD. Originally created with Sean & Erin (from The Spits), Drew Owen (Sick Thoughts) and Saba Lou (song recorded with Erin Spits when she was five years old!!!), King Khan now sings with the two members of Magnetix and Fredovich (Shrines).

24/01/18 – FR – Saint Ouen – Mains d’Œuvres / Festival MOFO /

25/01/19 – FR – Angoulême – LE MARS / SPIN OFF /

26/01/19 – FR – Bordeaux – La Salle Des Fêtes Bordeaux Grand-Parc / Bordeaux Rock /

2019 WARM UP : Warm Drag has announced a winter tour !

2019 WARM UP : Warm Drag has announced a winter tour !

Hi there, first of all : happy new year everyone ! 2019 is already there and good news are coming !!

Following In The Red latest releases, Warm Drag has announced a tour in France and UK on January.

With member of Oh Sees and the voice of Vashti Windish, Warm Drag has launched their latest record on In The Red. « The two people in Warm Drag do specific things. Vashti Windish sings, the way Siouxsie sang power, the way Nico sang allure, the way Patti sang sex. Paul Quattrone makes the noise with two Akai MPC 1000 samplers, » Los Angeles-based label described.

17/01/19 – FR – Lyon – Sonic Lyon –
18/01/19 – FR – Paris – Point Ephémère –
19/01/19 – FR – Cherbourg – Espace culturel Buisson –
20/01/19 – FR – Nantes – le bar à sons –
22/01/19 – UK – Manchester – Marc Riley BBC 6 music
22/01/19 – UK – Manchester – Night People –
23/01/19 – UK – Leeds – Brudenell Social Club –
24/01/19 – UK – Glasgow – Broadcast –
25/01/19 – UK – Newcastle – The Head of Steam –
26/01/19 – UK – London – Label Mates Festival 2019 –