Today, OSEES announce their updated UK + EU tour dates. The tour is postponed due to the cancellations caused by COVID-19.

Osees are having to reschedule their May 2021 tour due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, The London shows at the Electric Ballroom are now moving to a new venue and instead they are playing a new London date at the Troxy on November 12th 2021. All tickets purchased for the Electric Ballroom shows on May 19 and 20 are valid for the Troxy show on November 12th 2021 or refunds are available at point of purchase.

More info and tickets can be found here.


5/11/21 – UK – Cardiff – Tramshed
6/11/21 – UK – Birmingham – The Crossing 
8/11/21 – UK – Edinburgh – Liquid Room
9/11/21 – UK – Newcastle – Boiler Shop
10/11/21 – UK – Liverpool – Invisible Wind Factory
11/11/21 – UK – Leeds – Irish Center
12/11/21 – UK – London – Troxy    
14/11/21 – NL – Utrecht – Guess Who Festival
15/11/21 – FR – Lille – Aéronef
16/11/21 – FR – Cherbourg – Le Circuit
17/11/21 – FR – Paris – Cabaret Sauvage   
18/11/21 – FR – Bordeaux – Rock School Barbey     
19/11/21 – FR – Biarritz – Atabal     
20/11/21 – FR – Nîmes – Paloma     R
23/11/21 – BE – Gent – Vooruit
24/11/21 – DE – Dusseldorf – Zakk   R
25/11/21 – DE – Berlin – Festsaal Kreuzberg      R


8/5/22 – UK – Brighton – Chalk             R
9/5/22 – UK – Cambridge – Junction      R
10/5/22 – UK – Oxford – 02 Academy          R
12/5/22 – IRE – Dublin – Button Factory   R
13/5/22 – IRE – Dublin – Button Factory  R
14/5/22 – UK – Glasgow – QMU HLD        R
15/5/22 – UK – Manchester – Albert Hall    R
17/5/22 – UK – Bristol – SWX                    R

R: reported shows:
original tickets still valid or to be refunded at purchase point
Welcome to Grave Flowers Bongo Band

Welcome to Grave Flowers Bongo Band

Welcome to Grave Flowers Bongo Band !

“With a darkish, distorted sound, Grave Flowers Bongo Band blends the scuzzy psychedelia of the late 60s with the uncooked energy of the scene that birthed the primary punks, then washing it within the sun-kissed leather-based sheen of contemporary L.A.” Castle Face Records

Los Angeles’ Grave Flowers Bongo Band’s sophomore LP “Strength of Spring” is an inverted pyramid balanced on the headstock of an acoustic guitar, a rainbow painted in campfire smoke, an endless staircase circling into the clouds. That acoustic guitar, perfectly captured here by Ty Segall’s excellently sere and close mic’d production, plays skeleton to these conjurors woolly grooves, and singer Gabe Flores’ thousand-yard moan keeps us guessing as to exactly where this wildebeest is headed. He pinions these far out tunes, which burst generously with shit-hot guitar leads, Stoogeseque sax squalls, and a gaggle of great eight-armed drum fills, with a flinty wrist-flicking heartbeat as the band turns from whimsy to nimble riffery on a dime, following that pied-piper six string jangling down many lovely rabbit-holes of melody and exploration. It’s obvious these guys play together a lot (the lineup shares two members with acclaimed space rockers Hoover III to boot) and the telepathy on display here is synapse-snappy. Coursing throughout is that note-pad filling, lighter raising, undefinable black magic that feels so rare these days….we dig it mightily and we think you will too, it’s out on Castle Face Records April 30th.


Reigning Sound is back in our roster

Reigning Sound is back in our roster

Reigning Sound is back in our roster ! The Memphis legend rock band led by Greg Cartwright, have announced their first studio LP since 2014. Hear the new song “A Little More Time” from the new record A Little More Time With Reigning Sound.

“Reigning Sound joined the Merge roster in 2014 with Shattered. The band’s principal songwriter/member is Greg Cartwright, who’s been leading the shifting cast of characters since 2001. You may be familiar with some of the band’s work, as this album is preceded by five studio efforts as well as numerous EPs and live records. Or perhaps some of Greg’s other projects have been on your musical radar: The Oblivians, Parting Gifts, Compulsive Gamblers, 68 Comeback, Deadly Snakes, Detroit Cobras. ” Merge Records


Wand Leader, Cory Hanson, Joins U-Turn Roster for France

Wand Leader, Cory Hanson, Joins U-Turn Roster for France

Wand Leader, Cory Hanson, Joins U-Turn Roster for French Tours. He will be on tour in 2022.

“Cory Hanson has led the Los Angeles psych-rock band Wand for the past seven years, and they just released their Laughing Matter album last year. But Hanson also makes music without his band. Hanson released his solo debut The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo in 2016, and he got together with his friend Ty Segall to drop a couple of benefit tracks earlier this year. Next year, Hanson will return with his second solo LP.

Hanson’s new album is called Pale Horse Rider, and it promises a way-out take on country-rock. First single “Paper Fog” is a warm, strummy chug that slowly piles on more and more spacey effects. Hanson’s voice is a relatively plainspoken tenor, but his guitar aims for the astral plane.” Stereogum

LUMER Has Joined U-Turn Roster

LUMER Has Joined U-Turn Roster

Yorkshire quartet, LUMER,  joins U-Turn roster, ready to shred ! Here are some words from them :
“We are delighted to bring to you, our endearing fans, our first vinyl pressing of our debut EP ‘Disappearing Act’. This will be a special day for all you record collectors and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp from the link below. This will come with a digital copy to upload to your floppy disks to show your friends. All the cover art has been wondrously designed by our own Kennedy relative, Mr Sam Kennedy, Beast Records, were the label with the keenest ear for good music and have released this for us. All songs were recorded, produced and mixed by Alex Greaves at The Nave. We would like to especially thank the listed above for their efforts to make this possible.”
Snap up yours below :

King Khan Unlimited Has Launched New Album

King Khan Unlimited Has Launched New Album

King Khan Unlimited is the latest pnuk band project of Canada’s wildest monarch King Khan. They are set to release their brand new album, Opiate Them Asses, on January 29 via Bargain Bin Records.

Featuring his majesty’s dream line up of Bordeaux’s finest rock‘n’roll lifers, The Magnetix and Fredovitch (from King Khan & The Shrines), King Khan Unlimited’s new slab of punk rock is chock full of stinging social critique delivered with wit and a wry smile. Their first single “Pigment of Your Imagination” tackles the complicated topic of pigment as related to the tidal wave of racism all over the world. “Pigment of Your Imagination” also features Eamon Sandwith from The Chats professing his love for, uh, Shea Butter amongst other things…

A few words from His Majesty: “Here comes King Khan’s first offering off of the new King Khan Unlimited Opiate Them Asses LP! ‘Pigment of Your Imagination’ is a song about the fragile world we live in and how something as common as the pigment of our skin has separated the world and fuelled the ignorant agendas of the old boys network that has its hands on the throat of justice, peace and liberty for all creatures on this planet. It’s pure rock n’ roll with a twist of consciousness and a very special appearance from Eamon from The Chats admitting his profound love for body oils and soft jazz…”

King Khan’s brand new incarnation is not simply a “slab of pure punk rock mayhem”. Their new album Opiate Them Asses addresses a smorgasbord of topics ranging from Vice President Mike Pence’s affinity for Gay Conversion through electrocution, the plague of Narcissism rotting the fabric of humanity, Al Capone’s Syphilis, the King’s problem of occasional bedwetting and the evils of Monsanto. King Khan not only shares his very poignant social criticisms but he wraps them around a very solid foundation of classic punk influenced by The Ramones, Dead Boys and Electric Eels.

Lately King Khan has teamed up with Malik Rahim, founding member of the Black Panther Party Louisiana Chapter and they have started the Just Insulin Initiative to build the Just Insulin House which will be a community centre in Algiers, New Orleans, where they will provide diabetes education alongside the doctors and healthcare professionals from the New Orleans Chapter of the Social Medecine Consortium. King Khan is also raising money reading his Black Power Tarot Cards and selling t-shirts for this cause.

Opiate Them Asses is not just a fun album, it’s a call to arms to the whole world and a plea for global solidarity towards the suffering. Not only does it ‘Opiate’ your mind, but also informs your ass to follow.