Exclusive track “Poisoned Stones” from Oh Sees brand new album

Exclusive track “Poisoned Stones” from Oh Sees brand new album

New exclusive track from Oh Sees new album “Face Stabber” has been released with an amazing clip, will be out on Castle Face Records August 16 !

On tour next month :

23/08/19 – FR, Charleville – Le Cabaret Vert – https://bit.ly/2oOK8BQ
24/08/19 – FR, Guéret – CHECK IN PARTY – https://bit.ly/2Bn42fg
27/08/19 – IT, Ravenna – Hana-Bi – http://bit.ly/2X8eT56
29/08/19 – AUT, Vienna – ARENA WIEN – https://bit.ly/2t5FF1h
30/08/19 – DE, Munich – STROM – https://bit.ly/2t9nho0
31/08/19 – DE, Berlin – Festsaal Kreuzberg – https://bit.ly/2t6DDy4
01/09/19 – BE, Brussels – Botanique – http://bit.ly/2DWF73P
03/09/19 – FR, Bordeaux – BT59 – http://bit.ly/2H6j0tW
04/09/19 – FR, Toulouse – Le Bikini – http://bit.ly/2X9WGsJ
05/09/19 – FR, Paris – Bataclan – http://bit.ly/2Se89oy
06/09/19 – UK, London – Troxy – http://link.dice.fm/oh-sees-troxy
07/09/19 – NL, Amsterdam – Paradiso Amsterdam / http://bit.ly/2SCIFAs



“May we present :

for you Britishers among us – or those amongst them;

a one-two shot to the ribs from the Castle Face Records roster

a Thursday in Manchester, a Friday in London

spearheaded by those indefatigable and indispensable OH SEES , a live force to be feared

they’ll be joined by

white mages of healing and appealing frequencies ONCE AND FUTURE BAND

underground pop wunderkind cum laude KELLEY STOLTZ

feedback-tipped missiles of love and boredom FLAT WORMS

and the fuzzed-up goth pop stylings of MALE GAZE


It promises to be an interesting week-end

Please do join us

We’re bringing goodies

Be so good as to bring yourselves”


<3 Castle Face <3

The Magnetix will be in Liverpool Psych Fest !

The Magnetix will be in Liverpool Psych Fest !

Live On Castle Face Records for the National Day !

14th July – Castle Face Records // John Dwyer is talking about Magnetix : “The couple that slays together, stays together : Looch Vibrato and Aggy Sonora, like the moniker of an infamous killing duo, the fucking butchest band from Bordeaux. Looch, with hands like bunches of bananas and songs like flaming arrows. The lovely and tough-as-hell Aggy, crushing the kit. Heavy weird attackers from our sister country. Sludge drips—murder the guitar, usurp the amp, fry the mic, howl like beasts, melt the crowd: Magnetix. We were lucky enough to grab them on one of their rare U.S. shows, recorded in a basement in San Francisco. Here it is in all its gory glory. Let’s go tripping…”

The Magnetix keep on preaching the good words and you will have the pleasure of seeing them play at Liverpool Psych Fest with Male Gaze and many others. Lucky you!

Liverpool Psych Fest Website