UV Race

(Melbourne, Australia// Aarght/ In The Red)


In The Red says “Melbourne, Australia’s UV Race are back with their third full length of shambling squalls of conflicted noise, blunt and brutal drumming, stream-of-consciousness rants and tunes where intelligence pokes through paranoiac repetition and experimental excess warps cadence and melody. Top notch!”

Marcus Rechsteiner (UV Race vocalist) says “Racism is the third album by Melbourne proto punk band the uv race. You can here there first two albums on this album mixed with new ideas and techniques. This makes it still sound like the uv race but also has new elements which are interesting and some times strange in a good way. With a oz rock psych inspired song on this album coupled with their first proper love song and other songs with varied topics makes this album a real mix of great songs.”

Daniel Stewart (UV Race drummer/ Total Control vocalist) “God is saying this to you: Racism is the third album by Australia’s most genius avant-tards, The UV Race, dragging melodious pop songs through their devolved, malodorous glam-punk approach. The album follows the stylistic jump from their s/t debut to Homo, further into exploring the possibilities of the first wave of punk, further into orchestral arrangements over gutter-glitter psych stomp, like if Vom tried to write their own Forever Changes, like if the Electric Eels backed up Bolan or if The Fall put out a record on Crass Records.

There are tuneful lamentations of heartbreak and loss alongside very debased, toilet humour punk licks,  Lovecraftian psych-cult morbidity at one moment and rousing anti-anthems against self denial the next. Anyone used to listening to an LP from the band will be accustomed to traversing a broad range of stylistic impulses expressed in succinct and direct power punk songs, and Racism is the ultimate expression of this.

It has been a productive year for the band; but, that said, they’ve squeezed a lot out of the last five, and this year is another leap forward. They are about to launch their first feature length film, ‘Autonomony & Deliberation’, and the OST LP recorded for the film, alongside Racism (In The Red Records), a split 7″ with Native Cats (Ride The Snake), a split live LP with Eddy Current Suppression Ring and originally released on a limited run of cassettes back in 2008 (LP on Almost Ready), and the ‘Gypsy King’ single (from Racism, on Hozac). All this alongside the numerous other bands that members of UV play in across Melbourne, including Asps, Dick Diver, East Link, Guy & Marcus Blackman Experimentation, Lower Plenty, School of Radiant Living, Soma Coma, Straightjacket Nation and Total Control, reveal a relentless commitment for the sake of the song.”

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