« Death Valley Girl  » New on our Roster 2019 !

We are happy to announce that  Garage Rock band « Death Valley Girl » will be in our roster in February, March 2019 !

« With their primal, fuzzed-out riffs and lead singer Bonnie Bloomgarden’s blasts of circus-y organ, Death Valley Girls definitely have their garage-rock side. But they’re not retro-minded imitators pretending they’re living in 1966. Former Flesh Eaters guitarist Larry Schemel’s succinct power chords and bassist Alana Amram’s agile bass lines give the L.A. quartet a relentless punk-rock drive. “If you’re a man, then I’m a man too!” Bloomgarden declares defiantly amid a rumbling of Laura Harris’ tom-toms on the band’s debut album, Glow in the Dark. Death Valley Girls also like to get trippy, although their idea of psychedelia is more in the amped-up and flat-out rocking fashion of their recent tour mate Roky Erickson than the slower, gentler classic-rock narcosis of Pink Floyd. When you add to the mix Bloomgarden’s endearing onstage personality as she chats with the audience between songs in a Betty Boop lilt, you have a very unusual garage-rock group indeed. » —Falling James