(Detroit USA // Sacred Bones/ In The Red / Third Man / Screamers / Burger / Sweet Time)

Element 115 is a mysterious, superheavy element that has 115 protons in its nucleus. It is said in the UFO community to be the power source for dimension bending alien spacecraft. It is also found in the tone of Timmy Vulgar’s gravity defying riffs. To describe Timmy’s Organism as heavy, is as fundamental in concept to our human existence as the drone of blood pumping in beat to our hearts. Guitarist & singer Vulgar, bassist Jeff “Giant’ Fournier, and Scott Dunk on drums, plug into a tradition as hallowed as Ron Asheton’s fuzz pedal on The Stooges’s first album or Lemmy’s low end hypnosis on Hawkwind’s Doremi. But Timmy’s Organism is more. They are their own thing. The new LP Lone Lizard is as confounding, twisted, solid, and heavily out-of-this-world as any sonic offering in the last 300 years . . . as if all the previous Organism records, and those of Vulgar’s past groups Clone Defects, Human Eye, and Epileptix never existed… or have always existed. Timeless is the rhythm. The musicianship and sense of arrangement on Lone Lizard is jazz-esque in its double-commitment to loose precision. Lyrically, the record ranges from « Peyote Moments » surreal truths: « Like the ancient ways of the secyalapoid . . . bring me back to the desert where the serpents lie in the sun. Telling their fibs into my ears, I will not hear! » to the naked-to-the-bone vulnerability of « Tracy Trouble »: « My heart melting continues, I just wanted a sober kiss. Like our young love days! But the dealer stole you away! . . . You chased the dragon to the stars, please come back into my arms. » Few bands have a discography that includes labels Sacred Bones, In the Red, Third Man Records, Goner, Hozac, and Total Punk. Pick up your headphones, plug into the jack, press play, and let this dimension’s premier and only acid punk space glam power trio make you feel like the first time over and again. 

-Chet Weise