Red Mass

(Montreal, CAN // Mothland Records)

Red Mass is a gathering of musicians, agent provocateurs and artists, from around the globe. Created by Roy Vucino as part of the ‘Free Creative Enterprise’ TA DA arts collective, its goal is to create music and art, in various mediums while incorporating techniques of automatic creation as well as chaos magic. To do so, the Mass forgoes any allegiance to a specific genre or sound and works outside of the standard band format. This allows the Mass to work with as many international collaborators as it likes regardless of their experience or musical background. The present core of ‘Red Mass’ is comprised of Roy Vucino and partner Hannah Lewis. Eager to explore new soundscapes and to collaborate with musicians all over the world, the band has amassed more than 100 participating artists and musicians in its ranks. Collaborations with some of our idols, our friends, our family members and with strangers who want to create something subversive. As above, so below. We welcome you to the Red Mass.

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