Reverend Beat Man & Sister Izobel Garcia

(Bern, CH // Voodoo Rhythm Records)

Beat-Man started his career in 1986 with his band The Monsters, then formed Lightning Beat-Man One Man Band and changed his name in 1999 into Reverend Beat-Man.

He tours around the world like a Maniac : Europe, Australia, North and South America, Japan and Israel. Beat Man won several national prices in Switzerland for his work and was nominated for the Swiss Music Price in 2014. His music promotes the beginning of Blues and Rock’n’Roll with a magic thrash touch. A proper raw energy comes out his live shows, people say i’ts like an atomic reactor sitting on stage ! This is the purest rock music in Switzerland as it’s wild and out of control. Well known for his uncountable releases on voodoo rhythm records, at least 6 Full Length Albums : you must remember songs like Jesus Christ Twist, Blow Um Mau Mau, or Don’t Stop To Dance.

This time, Reverend Beat-Man plays with Sister Izobel Garcia, a young woman of Mexican origin whose sultry voice reminds crooning 1920s jazz. Nicole found escape in the world of dirty late- night music and parties much too young. Beat Man took that multi-instrumentalist Californian girl under his wing to create an exclusive musical project made of thrash blues tainted with voluptuous vocals.