Ty Segall Latest Album is an Acoustic Beauty

Ty Segall Latest Album is an Acoustic Beauty

Ty Segall has just released his 14th proper solo album “Hello, Hi”, on Drag City Records. “The prolific songwriter’s latest is an acoustic detour, a quiet soundtrack for overcast days.” said Pitchfork.

He will be touring with Freedom Band this coming August, dates below : 

11/08/22 – SW – Goteborg – Way Out West Fest – Tickets

13/08/22 – BE – Antwerpen – OLT Rivierenhof – Tickets

14/08/22 – CH – Martigny – Palp Festival – Tickets

15/08/22 – CH – Zurich – Mascotte – Tickets

17/08/22 – NL – Zandvoort – Rapa Nui – Tickets

18/08/22 – FR – Charleville-Mézières – Cabaret Vert – Tickets

19/08/22 – PT – Paredes – Paredes de Coura – Tickets

20/08/22 – FR – Saint-Malo – La Route du Rock – Tickets

21/08/22 – UK – Brecon Beacons – Green Man – SOLD OUT

23/08/22 – UK – London – Troxy – Tickets

24/08/22 – FR – Le Havre – Magic Mirrors – Tickets

25/08/22 – FR – Bordeaux – Square Dom Bedos – Tickets

26/08/22 – SP – Bilbao – Santana 27 – Tickets

27/08/22 – SP – Torremolinos – Canela Party – Tickets




Frankie & The Witch Fingers Back In Europe In August

Frankie & The Witch Fingers Back In Europe In August

Frankie & The Witch Fingers is touring through European Festival and outdoor venues this coming August, dates below : 

12/08/22 – PT – Porto – Sonic Blast – Tickets

16/08/22 – BE – Brussels  – La Source Beer Co. – Tickets

18/08/22 – FR – Paris – Supersonic – Free Show

19/08/22 – FR – Charleville-Mézières – Cabaret Vert Festival – Tickets

21/08/22 – UK – Liverpool – Jimmy’s – Tickets

23/08/22 – UK – London – Troxy* – Tickets

24/08/22 – UK – Brighton – Hope & Ruin – Free Show

25/08/22 – FR – Bordeaux – Blast by Sud Ouest* – Tickets

27/08/22 – FR – Marmande – Staccato – Free Show

Kelley Stoltz Announce The Stylist Euro Tour

Kelley Stoltz Announce The Stylist Euro Tour

Kelley Stoltz announce new album “The Stylist”, he will be back in Europe this July.

“The Stylist”, Kelley Stoltz’s 17th album finds him following up the Third Man Records reissue of his 2001 “Antique Glow”, with a collection of 10 new songs. The album was recorded early in 2021, and has been languishing in the vinyl pressing log jam ever since – but luckily Stoltz writes timeless songs, the kind that might’ve appeared on the fringes of the late 60’s or mid 80’s.

Acoustic guitars, synthesizers, drum machines and strong melodies abound. As with his other classic records “Below the Branches”, “Double Exposure” and “Ah! (etc)” Stoltz plays most of the instruments himself and records in his home studio in San Francisco. Kelley says, “I chose the title ‘the Stylist’ because musically I guess that’s what I am… because of the way I write, at my leisure over a period of months at home, I kinda flit around between styles. It’s all in the pop-rock vein, but there’s usually a wide range of sounds and inspiration from song to song. It sort of fits together in a mix tape kind of way, rather than an exploration of one particular mood. That’s always been the case with my albums.”

The chorus-y guitar jangle of “Your Name Escapes Me” somehow name checks the New Bomb Turks, while reflecting on familiar if forgotten faces from Stoltz’s past. On “My Island” insistent piano and saxophone solos take the listener on a tropical trip to the soft rock radio dial.

Stoltz played rhythm guitar in Echo & the Bunnymen for a few years, and “We Grew
So Far Apart” clangs like a lost Liverpool 80’s classic. Stoltz says, “There’s a touch more piano on this record… going back to my Sub Pop days, when I was writing more Beatle-y bits… Harry Nilsson… that kind of thing.” Indeed, the piano led “It’s a Cold World” plays like a holy union of Todd Rundgren and the Zombies where Stoltz declares, “it’s a cold world at times, but I’m not ready to give up the fight.”

Thankfully, after 23 years the beat goes on… and no matter what style Stoltz chooses, “The Stylist” is another platter of tuneful delight in the impressive catalog of one of the great songwriters of our time.

Tour dates below : 

04/07/22 – UK – Salford – BBC 6 Marc Riley Show

05/07/22 – UK – Manchester – Retro – Tickets

06/07/22 – UK – Winchester – The Railway Inn – Tickets

07/07/22 – UK – Ramsgate – Ramsgate Music Hall – Tickets

08/07/22 – UK – London – The Lexington – Tickets

09/07/22 – UK – Isle of Wight – Rhythmtree Festival – Tickets

10/07/22 – UK – Bristol – Crofter’s Rights – Tickets

11/07/22 – UK – Cardiff – The Moon – Tickets

12/07/22 – UK – Chester – St Mary’s Creative Space – Tickets

13/07/22 – UK – Leeds – Hyde Park Book Club – Tickets

14/07/22 – UK – Newcastle – The Cluny – Tickets

15/07/22 – UK – Glasgow – Pop Mutations Festival – The Flying Duck – Tickets

16/07/22 – UK – Liverpool – Jimmy’s – Tickets

18/07/22 – UK – London – Rough Trade Showcase – Tickets

19/07/22 – UK – Ipswich – The Smokehouse – Tickets

20/07/22 – FR – Paris – La Station – Tickets

22/07/22 – FR – Binic – La Super Cathédrale – Tickets

23/07/22 – FR – Binic – La Super Cathédrale – Tickets

26/07/22 – FR – Bordeaux – Relache – Tickets

27/07/22 – SP – Zaragoza – La Lata de Bombilas – Tickets

28/07/22 – SP – Madrid – Clamores – Tickets

29/07/22 – SP – Oviedo – Tiempos Nuevos – Tickets

30/07/22 – SP – Gijon – El Tizon – Tickets


Osees Announce New Album “A Foul Form”

Osees Announce New Album “A Foul Form”

Osees have announced new album “A Foul Form” with exclusive video single, it will be out 12 August 2022 on Castle Face Records.

“Brain stem cracking scum-punk recorded tersely in the basement of my home. After a notoriously frustrating eon, the knee-jerk song path was aggressive and hooky. This is an homage to the punk bands we grew up on—the weirdos and art freaks that piqued our interests and pointed us on the trail head to here / now. Bad times make for strong music is something I agree with. I would say that is evident by the past few years of output from the underground. Transmissions have been all over the map: scanning… searching…sweeping out in the darkness looking for a foot hold. [OSEES] A Foul From represents some of our most savage and primal instincts. Fight or flight. And the importance of a sense of humor in the darkest hour. Nothing wrong with keeping it snappy in the meantime. For fans of Rudimentary Peni, Crass, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Screamers, Abwarts, Stooges and all things aggressively tilted towards your face. You can lean back but don’t flinch…it’s a brief foray into the exhausting pogo pit, so stiffen your back and jerk with your knees. Enjoy.” John Dwyer

Ty Segall Announce New Album “Hello, Hi”

Ty Segall Announce New Album “Hello, Hi”

Ty Segall anounce new album out  July 22, 2022 via Drag City Records.

“Hello, Hi”! Welcome in, to a new room to play the styles and feels that lie under Ty Segall’s fingers, easing fresh air into acoustic space with an assortment of love songs flowering in righteous unconsciousness. Plaintive and wistful, unafraid. Like rain washing away yesterday, “Hello, Hi” pushes open the door, inviting you to pass through all the old shades and degrees of hot and cold. Dark paths turn off abruptly into absurd darkness, then wind back through the broken rocks, ecstatic again. Absurdity again. It happens everyday.
“Hello, Hi” is expansively rendered by Ty, mostly by himself, at home. The isolation suits the songs: you’re only ever as “at home” as you are with yourself in the mirror. Ty’s acoustic and electric guitars and vocal harmonies layer self upon self, forming a spiny backbone for the album. Textures at once gentle and dissonant root the songs as they make their move: melodic arcs convulsing in doubt and bliss and rage. Released from the endless gridlock into open space, these spirits pass on through.
The lead single and title track “Hello, Hi, is a fresh-spun earworm singing the delicate brutality of introversion. Metal alchemizing bubblegum the old-fashioned way: guitar licks haloed by a daisy chain of melody. Vocals flutter like butterflies, promising to break us out of the god-damned bubble that runs our lives.
Radiating from the same mind fields as Goodbye Bread and Sleeper, mixed with shard edges of contrast and contradiction from things like Freedom’s Goblin, Manipulator, and First Taste, “Hello, Hi” is Ty’s most relaxed and complete production to date, an ebb-and flow fusion of words and music offering abstraction and acceptance as it wrestles itself through fucked-up time. Your life and what you make of it — throughout “Hello, Hi”, Ty Segallcharts a passage through the enduring tangles honestly, with clarity and confusion. Listen to the first single “Hello, Hi” now and pre order the album on LP/CD/CS before it streets July 22nd!”
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