The Living Eyes // December Tour

Geelong local boys, The Living Eyes are a guitar rock band from down-under, Australia, blending their own version of melodic power pop and garage-y rock.
Forming in West Geelong in 2010 they started out in their teenage years as a strictly 60’s garage band, playing shows with friends, The Frowning Clouds, Bonniwells etc. Seven years later the boys have grown up a bit and so has their music.
2013 saw themselves a debut LP on Anti Fade which was well received. Catchy singles like Ways to Make A Living & Up And At Them found themselves some new friends.
Early 2015, their second full-length record, « Living Large » saw the light of day. This time, released as a split between Anti Fade and England’s Agitated Records with a along CD on Flightless. The record featured a ridiculous four singles which included Eat It Up, High Standards, Guilty Pleasures and Put It Back.

With their new LP « Modern Living  » , out in November 17th, 2017,  they taking references to artists like The Monochrome Set, The Troggs, early Brian Eno, and of course Australia’s own; the Sunnyboys and The Saints .

And especially they will be on tour for the first time in Europe on December !!!