Dan Rico

(Chicago, USA /// Maximum Pelt, Shit in Can Records)


With influences as wide-ranging as they are apparent – Prince, Elvis Presley, Television, T Rex, and Big Star to name a few – Chicago producer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Rico blends a gritty, lo-fi aesthetic with R&B sensuality and a 1950’s pop twist. Rico played in punk bands through his teenage years and began writing ballads after dropping out of college. Over the past decade he’s played in a who’s-who of Chicago rock bands: Ego, MAMA, The Rubs, among others— and has produced handfuls of others at his in-home studio. His first solo album, “Endless Love”, was picked up by French label Shit In Can Records as well as Chicago label Maximum Pelt, and was released in September of 2016. Though Rico plays most of the instruments on the album, his live shows feature a rotating lineup of Chicago musicians from bands including Vamos, Wet Piss, Typesetter, Courtesy, KO, The Yolks, and others. 2017 expects to see Rico touring the US in the spring and Europe in the fall.

Rico’s self-produced debut LP, “Endless Love”, veers between snappy punk tunes and laid-back love ballads, spurned by crystalline guitar licks, beachside vocal harmonies, and minimalist electronic elements. Drawing from the impressive garage, soul, and underground aesthetic catalog of his his home town, Chicago, “Endless Love” aligns a striking mix of styles beneath a unifying umbrella of Verlaine-esque croon and unfettered pop structures. Sure to make your eyes wet and your heart sing, your fit pump and hips shake. Limited to 500 copies and distributed throughout the US and Europe by Maximum Pelt Records in Chicago and Shit In Can Records in France.


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