While most teenagers spend troubled years looking for their identities, Cullen and Emmett have always known who they were, swimming in the same musical pool since childhood thanks their dad. The two brothers (of Cleveland, Ohio) only 13 et 16 at the time, formed this unusual drums and organ duet known as Archie & The Bunkers, finding inspiration in what they’ve always loved: punk like the Stooges played and 60’s garage with rockab and blues sonorities!


 As for Meatbodies they are a basically garage-punk band, formed in 2013 in Monrovia, California by Chad Ubovich ! They go straight into the sound wall of hard vintage and rock stoner, with Californian psychedelic hippie voices, all recorded at the bottom of a radioactive canyon. Concise songs, dripping guitars, echoing everywhere, a great thing in expansion and without concessions, which always gives desire to mount the sound.

And we are pleased to announce that they will play in EUROCKÉENNES 2017, on 6th and 8th July, see you guys !