All-Seeing Eyes

 ( Kentucky , USA /// Mauvaise Foi Records )

Born of a parade, the All Seeing Eyes are the pride of Dayton, Kentucky. The three piece of multi-
instrumentalists developed into the house band at Masonic Sounds Studios in that Kentucky river town.
Housed in a Free Mason Blue Lodge, they created the new LP “In Us We Trust”, now available on
Mauvias Foi Records in Europe. The trio was described as “the MC5 of the country blues” by Tav Falco
after a recent show.
Johnny Walker fronts the band, playing harmonica and guitar. He is the progenitor of the Soledad
Brothers and Cut in the Hill Gang who has toured singing for MC5/DKT and done session work with the
White Stripes, the Detroit Cobras, the Greenhornes, Low Cut Connie and James Leg. Matt Ayers (drums)
and Kane Kitchen (bass) are the rhythm section rooted in Cincinnati R and B legends The Guitars. The
band was formed to play a party on a parade route for the largest annual celebration in Cincinnati, Ohio.
It was quickly realized that the trio could fill the role as house musicians for Walker’s newly established
recording studio across the Ohio river. The All Seeing Eyes began writing and recording their LP in
earnest while working in and recording for artists in the Masonic Sounds Studios. They have played
extensively in the Midwest of the United States, but touring has been limited by Walkers preferred
profession, Psychiatry.
The album is 10 tracks of multifarious songs. The band plays all instruments, aside from contributions
by engineer Paul Brumm. We hope you learn to love the All Seeing Eyes offering on “In Us We trust”!



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