Frankie & The Witch Fingers

(Los Angeles, USA // Greenway Records)

« Los Angeles garage-psych rockers Frankie and The Witch Fingers have announced their new album, ZAM, out on March 1 via New York City’s Greenway Records. Today (Jan. 31), they’ve also shared a new single, “Realization.”

“Realization” is the kind of super-charged garage track that requires a loss of inhibition to appreciate, but once its frantic zip finds a home in your brain, you’ll let it stay for as long as it wants. There’s an unavoidable hypnotism in its funky guitar interludes, and after its rhythm-driven sonics and meddlesome lead vocals have left the station, there’s no chance of halting or derailing the psychedelic steam train.

The band said of the track’s inspiration, “Realization is about the fleeting moments of clarity that are revealed as you begin to unravel the mundane constructs of reality, set to a Sly and The Family Stone kind of pulse.”

“Realization” hardly even scratches the surface of what ZAM has to offer. The album leans on everything from krautrock, funk and psych to prog and garage rock, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping trip no matter what. According to a press release, “its 11 tracks unleash a versatile and tenacious weight, slithering between the sexy, the aggressive, the vivacious and the disorienting—until the living invasion is felt.”