All Seeing Eyes (USA)Mauvaise Foi RecordsEuropeEurope in MarchBuzz
Archie and the Bunkers (USA)Dirty WaterEuropeEurope Buzz
AUSMUTEANTS (Aus)GonerEuropeFly-ins/special eventsBuzz
Avenue Z (Fr)SlovenlyEuropeGenerally AvailableBuzz
Beechwood (USA)Lolipop / Burger / Alive RecordsEuropeEurope in NovemberBuzz
Blind Shake (USA)Goner/ Slovenly/ Castle Face/ SwamiEuropeEurope Buzz
Bloodshot Bill (Can)NortonEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
CFM (USA)In The RedEuropeEurope Buzz
Chocolat (Can)Born Bad/ Teenage MenopauseEuropeGenerally Available Julien
Dan Rico
Maximum Pelt EuropeEuropeBuzz
Death Valley GirlsBurger Records , Suicide Squeeze RecordsEuropeEurope in February / March 2019Buzz
The Devils Voodoo RythmEuropeEurope Buzz
Dream MachineCastle Face Records Europe Europe Buzz
Dick Diver (Aus)Trouble In MindEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
Dorian Pimpernel (Fr)Born BadEuropeGenerally AvailableJulien
DRINKS (USA)Heavenly/ Birth Records France Generally AvailableBuzz
Endless Boogie (USA)Mound Duel , Boo-Hooray , No Quarter RcdsEuropeEurope in NovemberBuzz
Ex Cult (USA)In The Red/ Castle Face/ GonerEuropeEurope Buzz
Feels (USA)Castle Face/ BurgerFranceFly-ins/special events. Buzz
Flat wormsVolar Records EuropeEurope in SeptemberBuzz
Fuzz (USA)In The RedEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
GOGGS (USA)In The RedEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
Handsome Jack (USA)AliveEuropeEurope in February / March 2019 Buzz
Henry's Funeral Shoe (WAL)AliveEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
John The Conqueror (USA)AliveEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
Kelley Stoltz (USA)Sub Pop/ Third Man/ Castle FaceEuropeEurope Buzz
Kid Congo (USA)In The RedEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
King Khan (CA / BERLIN) Voodoo Rhythm , Hazelwood ,Vicious Circle Records Europe Europe Buzz
King Khan LTD (USA)In The Red RecordsEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
King Mud (USA)AliveEuropeEurope in February/ March
Fly-ins/special events.
Lars Finberg (USA)In The RedEuropeEurope in 2019Buzz
Left Lane Cruiser (USA)AliveEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
Magnetix (Fr)Born BadEuropeGenerally AvailableBuzz
Male Gaze (USA)Castle FaceEuropeEurope in SeptemberBuzz
Meatbodies (USA)In The RedFranceBuzz
Messthetics (USA)Dischord RcdsFranceFrance in May / JuneBuzz
Milk Lines (USA)In The RedEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
Movie Star Junkies (It)Voodoo RhythmEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
Mr Airplane ManSympathy for the record industryEurope Europe Buzz
OBN III's (USA)Castle Face/ 12XU/ Tic Tic TotallyEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
Prettiest Eyes (USA)CastleFace RecordsEuropeEurope in SeptemberBuzz
Pow! (USA)Castle Face RecordsEuropeEurope in May / June & AugustBuzz
Puberty (USA)Born BadEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
Red Mass (Canada)SlovenlyEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
Reverend Beat Man & Izobel Garcia (USA)Voodoo RhythmEuropeEurope Buzz
SadGirl (Canada)Suicide Squeeze RecordsEurope
Spray Paint (USA)Upset The Rhythm/ GonerEuropeEuropeBuzz
Straight Arrows (AUSTRALIA)Juvenile/ Rice is Nice RcdsEuropeEurope in April
Reigning Sound (USA)Merge/ In The RedFranceFrance Buzz
The Datsuns (NZL)V2EuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
The Intelligence (USA)In The RedEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
The Living Eyes (AUS)Anti Fade Records /
Agitated Records
Europe Europe Buzz
The Monsters (Ch)Voodoo RhythmEurope30th year Anniversary Tour in November & March
Fly-ins/special events.
The Oblivians (USA)In The Red/ Crypt/ GonerFranceFly-ins/special events. Buzz
The Peacers (USA)Drag City Europe Europe Buzz
The Sonics (USA)RevoxFranceFrance Buzz
The Spits (USA)In The RedEuropeEurope Buzz
Thee Oh Sees (USA)Castle Face/ In The RedEuropeEurope August : SeptemberBuzz
Tijuana Panthers (USA)Innovative LeisureFranceFrance in AugustBuzz
Timmy's Organism (USA)Sacred Bones/ In The Red/ Third ManEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
Tim Presley (USA)Drag CityFranceBuzz
Total Control (Aus)Iron LungEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
Ty Segall (USA)Drag City/ In The Red/ Castle FaceEuropeEuropeBuzz
Tyvek (USA)In The RedEuropeEuropeBuzz
Uranium Club (USA)Static ShockEuropeBuzz
Urban Junior (Ch)Voodoo RhythmEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
Useless Eaters (USA)Castle Face/ SlovenlyFranceFly-ins/special events. Buzz
UV Race (Aus)In The Red/ AarghtEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
Warm Drag (USA)In The Red RecordsEuropeEurope in JanuaryBuzz
Warm Soda (USA)Castle FaceEuropeFly-ins/special events. Buzz
White Fence (USA) Castle Face / Drag City / Woodsist RecordsFranceFly-ins/special events. Buzz